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Raising a child with Downs Syndrome - Up we go!

Welcome to "This way up!" My middle son Freddie has Downs Syndrome and I am a web site producer. I have published this site to raise awareness and help other people in a similar position. If you have a child with Downs Syndrome you might like to start with the help pages. If you want to know more about Downs Syndrome look at the information pages. To help people understand more about what it's like to have a child with Downs Syndrome in the family, you can follow my blog which is summarised below. I hope you enjoy the site and welcome any comments or feedback.

I have also written a book about our experiences, published as an e-book which you can buy from Amazon by clicking here.

This way up

This way up - Blog

Follow the blog to find out what Downs Syndrome is really like:-


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Welcome to "This way Up"

To kick things off, here's a list I wrote for Downs Syndrome Awareness week in 2010. People with Downs Syndrome have 3 copies of Chromosome 21, rather than the usual 2, so I've written down 21 things I wish I'd known about Freddie when he was born:-

  1. I wish I’d known that after the difficult start when he was so ill, it would turn out so good
  2. That he’d have so many friends
  3. That it’s never stopped us doing things as a family
  4. That we didn’t get stuck on the Tweenies and he loves watching James Bond, the Simpsons and Dr Who (and High School Musical but I think I’ll leave that one!)
  5. That he’d play on his own perfectly happily
  6. That he’d be the only one of my children to remember to get a towel BEFORE he has a shower
  7. That he’d be able to make his own breakfast
  8. That he’d win a national photography competition
  9. That he’d start school in mainstream school (he is now at a fab special school and both options have been brilliant in their own way!)
  10. That I have never been stuck at home caring for him
  11. That I’d continue to work
  12. That he’d love Cubs and Scouts
  13. That on a Friday night he’d go off down to club with his friends
  14. That I would see him dance on a stage in the theatre
  15. I wish I could have seen him playing with the dogs, bowling for George and making worm farms with Samuel.
  16. I wish I'd known he’d be so fashion conscious and fussy about wearing the right clothes.
  17. I wish I’d known what a cracking sense of humour he would have, and how he would make us laugh.
  18. I wish I’d known he’d be able to operate the TV and DVD player before he could walk.
  19. I wish I could have seen the way he and Amber play together.
  20. I wish I’d known he’d enjoy life so much and be so happy.
  21. I wish I’d known I would be so proud of my son.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

Freddie and friends